Vault Anywhere with Vaultdogs Elevated Wood Runways!

We have been vaulting on, building on and creating fast elevated wood pole vault runways since 1991. Our runways are featured every summer in our Annual 4th of July Pole Vault Exhibition held in Seward, Nebraska. 

Our runways are known for being fast and durable. One of our runways has been in use for over 20 years and is still fast. 

The runways are built out of Pine and have a rubber surface that can be applied to each section or as a roll-out. Additionally, we can use treated lumber for runways used mostly outdoors, but that will be a slight increase of cost due to the cost of treated lumber. The plant box is set to be a standard 20 cm deep after the 3/8 inch rubber surface is applied. Each section of the runway is 39" wide, 8'3" long and stand 8" high. See pricing for lengths and costs.  

With a wooden runway, some questions always get asked.
+ How heavy are each section? ~ Being made out of pine, they are very light weight, about 155 pounds with rubber surface. They can easily be lifted and moved by two individuals.
+ How to they connect? ~ They are created with a tab and slot system and require no hardware to setup.
+ Do they move or slide around? ~ With the weight of the runway and with so much ground friction, no they don't move.
+ Do I need a box collar? ~ No you don' t need one, but we recommend you use safety precautions when you pole vault and we recommend the use of a non-evasive box collar pad around the outside of the plant box.
+ Do I need the rubber surface? ~ No you don't need it, but using the rubber surface will extend the life of your runway otherwise the wood surface will get torn apart by spikes.
+ Do you deliver? ~ Yes, withing a 400 mile radius, we will load it on our trailer and deliver if for a delivery fee.  Otherwise we will get LTL freight quotes and ship it at cost to you. Client will approve shipping cost prior to actual shipment being sent.
+ Are they difficult to store? ~ No, they require an 8x8 foot space and they can be stacked on top of each other. We stack ours in two stacks of 8 sections high, which is a little over 5' high. Since they are made from pine, they are light enough to stack easy.

How to Order a New Runway?

Ordering your runway is pretty simple. Just email Jason Berry at with your phone number and a brief message and he will call you and can discuss your runway needs. 

The runways can be shipped by a third party shipping. We can also deliver your runway to you for a fee. We like road trips!

Since the runways are custom built, we have a window of time that we can build the runways. As of right now, we only build them from June to December each. Once college track season starts in January, we normally do not build. 

Runway Rentals

Need to rent a runway for an event? We can rent runways for rental within a 100 mile radius of Seward, Nebraska. Fees will include rental plus delivery, transportation and tear-down. If you have a trailer of your own, you can pick it up and save on costs. Email to begin discussing your rental needs.
We have a limited number of runways in stock, we rent on a first come, first serve basis.

Nebraska State Championships

A Vaultdogs runway has been used since 2014 at the Championships. Pictured is Catherine Mick who set the Class D State and Meet record at 11'00.50" in 2014.

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

Vaultdogs built a runway for use in the colleges brand new Alksnis Athletic & Recreation Building. The runway is setup on the infield turf for Track & Field competitions.


Pole Vault Wood Runways come in six different lengths to fit your space. 

Sections  Feet  Meter  Price 
 8 64'  19.5m  $3,740.00 
 10 80'  24.4m  $4,065.00 
 12 96'  29.3m  $4,590.00
 14 112'  34.2m  $5,115.00 
 16* 128'  39.0m  $5,640.00 
 18 144'  43.9m  $6,100.00 

* Add 1.2m of runway section extension to meet NFHS & NCAA minimum length requirement of 40m. Cost additional $75.00.
+ Add a 16' gradual down slope at the end of the runway with rubber surface, additional $280.00.
++ All runways come unpainted. If you wish have them custom painted a solid color and feet measurements painted onto the runway, an additional fee will be applied depending upon the color, paint costs and any custom measurement markings required.

Optional items:
•  Standard lifted platforms, $120.00
•  Box Collar, based on market value at time of order.
•  Pit lift platforms, these lift the landing mats to the same level of the runway surface. Prices varies on size and make of your pole vault mats.